5 October 2004 in General | Comments enabled

Today I ordered a new 200GB harddrive – it was an impressive 191 dollars – finally <$1 per GB!

It’s 7200RPM, 8MB Cache, SATA. Will be a good file drive (I’m running out at the moment, hence the purchase).

Brings the drive space on my current PC to a theoretical 380GB of space but I’ll probably delegate the 60GB IDE (and the spare 30GB one I have floating around) to the server that I will build soon.

Getting back to that server, I have delayed my purchase, it came out at roughly 600 dollars to build a 2.4Ghz, 512MB system (mobo, ram, cpu, power-supply only). That’s just a tad too much since I have another 600+ dollars to give the dentist this month as well.

I will still build it, just a little slower. Possibly I’ll delegate my current system to being the server and build a new core up for my existing system – who knows.

- JD

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Tetra says 5 October 2004 @ 17:05

200GB… that’s a lot of porn that you’ve got :P

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