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I’ve only been back in Wellington for a few hours since going to Palmerston North for the weekend, got to catch up with Rowena and the family which is always good. I think it’s time that I start planning a few things to do when I go back to Palmerston North as it’s surely getting boring for Rowena and the family since I get back and just want to blob out effectively. I’m not sure if Rowena realises that I love just being with her rather than what we’re doing.

Ro and I went and saw AVP which was laughable but watchable. I was so damn sure the chick and the Predator were going to go in for a slow kiss. Imagine how ugly the children would be.

We also watched a few DVDs and wandered around the Palmy shops for a short while – they really do need some more shops in that city. It will be good when Rowena is in Wellington – there are so many more places you can go and look at and while I don’t think I will ever have the stamina for clothes shopping that she has I want to try hard to not just annoy her when we go shopping together.

I also met Ben’s (my brother) new Girlfriend, Alice. She seems quite nice and seems to balance Ben out a bit which can only be a good thing ;-) Also, it must be recorded that I beat him in this stupid game we play with each other (I would take the time to explain but it’s pretty lame).

The train ride up to Palmerston North went smoothly, met some characters. One was a guy who lives in Foxton but commutes to Wellington to build houses, he seemed pretty friendly. The other people at my table were also friendly but the guy from Foxton was a crack-up. Reminded me a little of Cletus from The Simpson’s but was very friendly :-)

Mum and Dad also drove me back to Wellington today which was nice – I so hate the train for getting back to Palmerston (“The train is running 4 hours behind, we will not be providing a bus” – ass clowns). Stopped and had a really nice lunch on the way (If you go to Kapiti you need to go to the water front to a dine in fish and chip shop, they have the best fish and chips meal – not fatty at all).

Anyway, back to being in Wellington. I have discovered what can only be one of the coolest control additions to Visual Studio 2005 for WinForms development – the toolStrip. Rowena got worried and how much I was raving about how cool it was. I’ve only used it a little but basically it replaces the toolbar (although the old shitty toolbar is still there) and merges it with the coolbar control (Visual Studio 6 people will remember this) so you can re-jig the layout of your toolbars easily and even dock them to other areas of your application without writing a single line of code. Also, on the UI side it looks exactly like an Office2k3 toolbar! You chose a button type of Button, separator, label, progress bar (how cool), combo box etc. It really is an impressive control.

One thing that has me wondering is that VS2005 seems to have made it so some controls no longer use the much (severely broken) ImageList control. You seem to reference the images from the .resx file directly. The UI of this selector is somewhat bad and looks rushed so I’m not sure if it’s just that it’s beta and will use the ImageList in future or if it’s a new tact to not use the ImageList for every single control that needs an image. That would be a good thing.

- JD

P.S. Got the shake-up torch which requires no batteries – very cool, I love it :D

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