7 September 2004 in General | Comments enabled

Well, last night, after pretty much fobbing off Rowena (sorry Ro!) to spend some time with my other lover – locomotion – I am impressed :D

The game has lost none of it’s game-play fun. In fact it’s actually become more fun because of the new track positions, raised tracks, tunnels, more controllable land etc.

The one downside was that the graphics are quite possible worse than the orginal Transport Tycoon! I can’t believe it. They’re not so bad that you can’t enjoy the game however, it still floats my boat :-)

One thing about the demo that I didn’t realise, is that it appears to let you play a level for about 10 minutes then jumps back to the intro screen – it doesn’t tell you this will happen and doesn’t really warn you when it does. This is a bad thing because I wandered out of the room for about 30 seconds and came back to find it at the intro screen – I thought something had gone wrong.

Absolutely cannot wait for this to come out. I’m not quite serious when I say that I’ll need to take some holiday time to play this game!

– JD

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