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I’ve decided I really should do my blogging more consistantly – I read about five blogs all the time and love seeing how other people are developing what they enjoy. I guess I also enjoy just seeing what other people are doing in general as well – as all humans do.

I have written a blog before on another one of my sites on a system I developed (http://www.traskmicrosystems.com) but I’m not the biggest fan of that site. It needs major redevelopment (I wrote it in PHP in order to learn PHP) and now, thanks to working at Intergen, I can’t stand coding in PHP over superior languages such as ASP.Net. This means a bit of a wait for a redevelopment of that site as it will have to happen once I have an asp.net host and the time to develop the new site.

Part of the issue around the Trask Microsystems site is that a lot of poeple have taken the time to write things on that site and they (including myself) would find it pretty offensive if all of a sudden the whole site changed and all of their musings were gone. This means that whatever I develop to eventually replace that site will certainly have a blog component to it.

One other thing I’ve decided that I’ll do with my blogging is try and break up topics into seperate entries – I’ve treated my blog in the past far more like an online diary than something to chuck my thoughts into throughout the day and I think that made it harder to read.

Anyway, this feels like a long enough first post, I’ve got to do some restyling and make some changes to the code to make it a bit nicer for me to use and you to read :-)

– JD

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