21 December 2005 in Google | Comments (0)

Google have posted their 2005 Zeitgeist.

For anybody who hasn’t looked at this annual update it gives you some interesting information about what people are searching for, how world events impacted search etc. If you’re a person who likes to see graphs and statistics this is a great 10 minute time waster for the Christmas season :-)

link: Google Zeitgeist 2005

- JD

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12 December 2004 in Google | Comments (0)

Very cool new feature to Google (currently in beta) is Google Suggest.

Start typing in a query. It may take a second or so, but just type in the first few letters (say “goo”). A drop down appears like type ahead in windows that displays possible search queries and the results that are found for that query.

Very cool.

- JD

P.S Apparently it crashes Konqueror in KDE.

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