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I was pleased to see that Mindscape was named the #2 start-up in the New Zealand Top 10 Start-up awards. It’s always nice to get recognised for the work you are doing and I’m thankful to those that voted for us as well as our supporters and customers who have helped us to where we are :-)

Published on the New Zealand Herald Website:

Mindscape was founded in February 2007 by John-Daniel Trask, Jeremy Boyd and Andrew Peters with the intention of creating software products that “didn’t suck”. Tired of software feeling slow and bloated, they set about creating the tools that they, as software developers, would love to use tools that were small, blazingly fast and effective.

Recognising the skills of the founders, Microsoft got in touch with Mindscape and enlisted their help to develop BackgroundMotion a technical best-practice open source application to aid other .NET developers worldwide in understanding how to best architect modern Web 2.0 websites on the .NET platform. This initial development work helped aid early profitability on top of the small seed capital the founders had provided at launch. Since this time Mindscape has released three products for software developers, continued to grow profits and revenue and has customers all over the world – including Fortune 50 companies.

Mindscape has achieved all of this with only three full-time employees and no external funding. They’ve been profitable since inception and continue to develop both the product and consulting sides of their business.

Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 161 user reviews.

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Kirk Jackson says 15 February 2009 @ 09:09

Congratulations! Well deserved!


Simone says 15 February 2009 @ 09:22

Congratulations. A big applause to all of you!!

Richard Lopes says 15 February 2009 @ 14:34


Congratulations to you. I discovered the work of the three of you recently and you are doing amazing projects.

I really believe your ORM offering comes at a good time when the Microsoft options have either no future or are not mature enough.

NHaml is also great. I read about Haml a few weeks back and it is so easy to learn, so natural that it had to be ported to .Net.

Again congratulations for your work and all the best !

Richard Lopes
My blog: http://sili.co.nz/blog
Follow me: http://twitter.com/richard_lopes

Mark Ogle says 16 February 2009 @ 12:10

Congrats guys, completely deserved – awesome to get that recognition :)

Tokes says 16 February 2009 @ 15:14

Nice work guys, remember the little guys when you get big(ger) and famous(er)… ;-)

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