7 January 2009 in Games | Comments disabled

One thing I want to do this year is just start posting a little more about random things I spy and want to comment on rather than just announcements & opinion peices. I’m not buying into this whole “My blog posts that ruled in 2008″ so here’s to the first post of the year.

I’m looking forward to Starcraft II coming out, whenever that is, and spied this updated screenshot recently (click to see full sized view):

Starcraft 2 rain picture

Notice that it’s raining. Previously in Starcraft there were no weather effects so this is a nice addition. One thing still bugs me though – why not create a shine map so that when it’s raining things look wet? It seems like a fairly arbitrary addition if they’re just drawing lines in front of the camera rather that creating a more immersive effect. I’d love to see puddles appear and as units drive through those puddles they create ripples. I’m appreciative that things like raindrops on water could be too computationally expensive to perform but this currently looks like the same rain effect seen games from five years ago.

Nice improvement, lets see Blizzard take this to the next level.

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