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Late Friday last week we pushed LightSpeed 1.0 out the door for everyone to poke and prod! I’m really pleased with what has been produced and have had some great feedback to date about the performance, elegance of the API and generally great feedback.

As much fun as we had celebrating the occasion of shipping our first product we’re not going to rest, now it’s time to step up to the plate of trying to educate developers and technology vendors of the benefits of using LightSpeed in their applications. I honestly believe that this product will enable your developers to develop data driven solutions faster than ever before with LightSpeed.

While the market is pretty full the feedback is that our method of achieving things works much better than most competitors. We’ve already had several purchases of LightSpeed and those commercial customers have been really pleased with LightSpeed, it’s always a good sign that you’re ready to ship when someone has taken the risk of playing beta software only to have it pay off for them and start praising the framework before you even reach 1.0 status. That probably sounds like bragging but I honestly am just really happy with what has been created.

I’d love for anybody who keeps track of my blog to download the Express edition and have a play with the samples. You will see the difference right away and hopefully appreciate that it’s worth using in your application development (and if you don’t decide that, let me know why so we can work on it ;) ).

Phew! It feels great to ship! :)

– JD

P.S. We also upgraded our site on Friday with new forums, content and slightly enhanced look at feel. If you were part of the EAP program, your credentials and posts have been migrated :)

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Nas says 7 August 2007 @ 09:48

Congratulations on the release JD!!! :)

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