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24 January 2007 in General | Comments (5)

So I’ve been “tagged” much like everyone else who has a blog and thought why swim against the current, embrace peer pressure and offer up scintillating facts about myself. Lets keep this short, strap yourself in…

  • I once donated blood to impress a girl. I’ve done it more than once, but that was the reasoning behind one of the times.
  • I wrote a Tetris clone in assembler (MASM to be precise, made it a bit easier).
  • I’m awful at maths and yet somehow managed to pass Statistics at university despite playing Red Alert 2 on my laptop in most statistics classes.
  • I’ve never brought or sold a single thing on TradeMe.
  • I wrote an application at high school that pretended to be the computer game Doom (we were not allowed games) and managed to harvest about 200 accounts from the school domain, including some teachers accounts.

Phew, there you have it. I hope you all feel a closer spiritual bond with me now :) In the essence of sharing I’ll tag the following folks:

Chan, James, James, Andrew, Gabe

- JD

P.S. Thanks Darryl & John for tagging me

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