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Recently I’ve had a spider around my desk at work – I come in each day and it’s built an even bigger web which is kind of interesting. Gabe has been having a chuckle all day about this photo he snapped claiming it’s proof I don’t get any action!

I couldn’t resist posting the picture though, either I’m too busy to action things or I’m not busy enough :)

To Action

Note that I’ve sharpened the label that says “To Action” on the tray to make it easier to see :)

- JD

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Johnny-johnny says 11 September 2006 @ 16:26

LOL, that’s awesome. Have you given the spider a name?

traskjd says 11 September 2006 @ 16:33

GoogleBot seems like an appropriate name for a spider :) Gosh I crack myself up :P

– JD

Johnny-johnny says 11 September 2006 @ 16:58

I’m not sure if I’ll be happy for you or mildly disgusted when a post appears with the heading “W00t, I blew away the cobwebs” ;)

Geek says 12 September 2006 @ 14:12

lol classic!

I know what you mean about needing more action. Actually I think I might have the opposite problem, i.e. I think I have so much enthusiasm for tech that I try and take action on everything at once. I really need a 36 hour day, a couple of clones, boat loads of cash to fund things, or get some better time management going on.

Johnny-johnny says 12 September 2006 @ 14:14

Are we still talking about sex?

traskjd says 12 September 2006 @ 20:08

Whatever you’re talking about Johnny-johnny is up to you – we don’t want to destroy your dreams :)

Thanks for the comments guys,

– JD

James Newton-King says 12 September 2006 @ 21:19

Starting at Intergen…

As alluded to earlier I have have shift jobs, and have started at a place called Intergen . It is a bit…

Digitalmelon : Chandima's Blog says 14 September 2006 @ 16:44

All was quite on the western front… and then…

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