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While I was away at Tech Ed (I’ll blog on this later) Microsoft released Beta 1 of WinFS.

If you have an MSDN subscription you should be able to login and grab a copy (it’s around 75MB, ignore the documentation download as it’s in the 75MB file as well).

I’ve yet to have a play with it other than to say that it won’t install on Windows 2003 which is my primary desktop environment. You can get around this by downloading the Installer SDK which is part of the Platform SDK. You can skip everything via the custom install except for the Installer SDK.

  • Run to the directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Bin\Orca.Msi
  • Complete the install
  • Fire up Orca (on your start menu)
  • Open the msi C:\winfsbeta1\winfs.msi (assuming you ran the initial install with default settings)
  • Click on “Launch Condition” on the left list
  • Right click on the row on the right which mentions that you need Windows XP SP2 and select “Drop Row”
  • Click File -> Save.

You should now be able to do an install on a Windows 2003 machine. I installed this onto a VM earlier and it installed without any problems. Managed to reboot – always a bonus :-) If anyone else tries this method then I’d appreciate to hear the outcome of your 2003 install. In fact, I’d like to hear from anyone playing with WinFS!

- JD

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