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13 May 2005 in Intergen | Comments (0)

Here are the slides from the MCMS.Rapid presentation (see a couple of posts below for more information on this).

Slides: Download MCMS Rapid.ppt

- JD

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13 May 2005 in Events & General | Comments (0)

This week started with me being in Palmerston North to watch Rowena and a lot of my friends graduate. I chose a 3 year degree rather than a 4 year one and had graduated last year. It was quite nice to attend this year and just get to enjoy in the achievements of people that I knew. I was the official photographer so I don’t have many photos that have me in them but I did manage a couple.

Here is one with Rowena:

Rowena Joe and John-Daniel Trask at Rowena's Graduation

And one with James (a fellow Intergenite):

James Story and John-Daniel Trask at Jame's Graduation

It was a great start to the week.

- JD

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13 May 2005 in Intergen | Comments (0)

Last Thursday and Friday I was involved in a presentation to inform Microsoft Partners about MCMS.Rapid – a product that sits on top of existing Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) installations.

This was the first time that I had delivered a presentation to people – it certainly was a little scary but I really enjoyed it. It also provided an opportunity to get to know some other people in our industry as well which was great. I also really enjoyed the flight to and from Auckland (been a while since I’ve been in a plane – now I’ve added needing to own my own plane to my list of required toys :-) )

I will hopefully upload my presentation later today.

For anyone who doesn’t know what MCMS.Rapid is, I’ve written a mini-FAQ below.

What is MCMS.Rapid?
MCMS.Rapid is a product that sits on top of an existing MCMS installation and provides significant out-of-the-box functionality over what MCMS provides.

What sort of functionality is added?
There is a very long list so I’ll just run through a few of the key features that I liked:

  • Reporting functionality (audited events)
  • Template editing with out Visual Studio or SDO export/import required
  • Editable site settings from within the website (heaps of them!)
  • Common controls that can be added to templates without Visual Studio (again – heaps of controls)
  • Extended meta-data functionality
  • Heaps more

What’s the cost?
The download is free – the only cost is the time required to train people to use the product.

Is this a Microsoft product?
No – MCMS.Rapid was developed by a UK company called Artemis. Artemis had already developed much of the functionality that is included in the MCMS.Rapid product however Microsoft paid for Artemis to wrap their components up into a product that could be distributed.

Do I still need MCMS?
Yes – MCMS.Rapid simply sits on top of MCMS. It also doesn’t work on any other content management product.

Where can I find out more? is the official site of the product. They have great forums – I was impressed to see that the people from Artimis are extremely responsive. Also what I thought was great was their willingness to admit that there were a few bugs but they often fixed a bug within days of it being posted in the forums. Great to see.

- JD

Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 242 user reviews.