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23 March 2005 in Business | Comments (0)

This morning on ASB Business I was impressed to see that Rod was interviewed about Cebit as well as giving some details about Aftermail.

I’ve often wondered about that show – I’ve been watching it since it started and I’m not sure how much they go looking for news or people/companies actively contact them with stories. Over time it seems they’ve been moving into more of the latter as it doesn’t seem to be so much “news” as such. It used to be more about global business news however the new format of covering local businesses is a change I’ve liked.

At the risk of turning this into a bit of a ramble, I’ve also found that the presenter of ASB Business isn’t quite what he used to be – back when it was Telsta Business he seemed to ask better questions that didn’t seem quite so scripted. Maybe it’s just me :-)

– JD

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11 March 2005 in Blogging | Comments (0)

I’m posting this via the blogging tool w.blogger. I looked at a year or so back and thought it was quite cool but didn’t really see much of a point over just blogging via the web. Now that I want to start doing some smarter things with how I lay out some postings it’s nice to have the enhanced control.

It has great integration with a whole pile of blog APIs (mine being wordpress) and has automatically downloaded my categories etc. Very nice.

Check it out:

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5 March 2005 in Blogging | Comments (0)

I’ve finally taken a bit of time to upgrade to WordPress 1.5 :-)

It will look like the standard install for a while until I get the time to actually modify the look somewhat.

- JD

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