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18 February 2005 in Blogging | Comments (0)

WordPress 1.5 (the software that runs my blog) has been released. Apparently it’s quite a jump so I’ll be upgrading sometime this weekend. This will probably mean the themes get broken as there is a completely new theme system in 1.5.

- JD

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15 February 2005 in Business & Intergen | Comments (0)

Steve Brookes (The D&I Manager when I started at Intergen, went through my first interviews with him) has made the move while in the UK from Cap Gemini to Rod Drury’s Aftermail. Great news for both parties involved.

Press release: Click Here

- JD

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8 February 2005 in Code | Comments (0)

Saw a discussion on the .net user group today about which font people like to use in their IDEs. A great little site got mentioned and I tried changing my default Visual Studio font to one of the “clean” fonts. I’m impressed – at first it just seemed wrong (which is to be expected since it’s a change from what I’ve seen in Visual studio since I first started playing with Visual Basic 3.0).

Check them out here: Click Here

– JD

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